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At SPRINT CHEMIE, we offer unmatched customized product for printing and packaging industry. We innovate products, with pressroom chemistry like never before. Sprint Chemie with its dedication has become partner for generations, which is a part of day to day life with sustainable future.

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About Us

A one point solution for Colors & Coatings

SPRINT CHEMIE has a wide variety of products including Gravure, Flexo, Offset, News and UV inks. We offer customised product to make SPRINT CHEMIE as a one point solution for all your application or processing needs, our experts can help you resolve issues, improve productivity and deliver value to your customers. In addition, SPRINT CHEMIE has developed a unique network of distributors, technical specialists and sales/support experts to cover Asia, Europe and Africa.

  • ISO Certified
  • Customized Products
  • 5+ Years Experience
  • Highest Quality Inks
SPIMS(Sprint Ink Management System)


SPIMS (Sprint Ink Management System) which is a combination of Automated Ink Dispenser and Service Levels of Ink Kitchen.

Benefits of SPIMS

  • Low inventories of Fresh Ins and Press Returns.

  • International standard SOP and SLA for Ink Kitchen and Dispenser.

  • No hidden costs, we only prefer new machines.

  • Sprint is an ISO 9001 : 2015 certified manufacturer and supplier Inks and Coatings.