At Sprint Chemie, we offer unmatched customized product for printing and packaging.We work with the ethos to become partner for generations to create a sustainable product for the client and the environment. Our guiding principle of highest quality ink and customers service lets us partner with customer to develop the right chemical solution for their product – whether they be our off the shelf product or custom product solution formulated by our formulation experts. At Sprint chemie, we are always exploring new paths, fresh ideas and innovate with pressroom chemistry which is unheard of. We recognize the importance of service and quality, all our products undergo constant technology updates and particularly emphasizing on the environment friendless of them,
SPRINT CHEMIE has a wide variety of products including Gravure, Flexo, Offset, News and UV inks. We offer customised product to make SPRINT CHEMIE as a one point solution for all your application or processing needs, our experts can help you resolve issues, improve productivity and deliver value to your customers. In addition, SPRINT CHEMIE has developed a unique network of distributors, technical specialists and sales/support experts to cover Asia, Europe and Africa. We invest on research and development to innovate next generation products for the unique requirements of the customers, by supplying quality and consistent products with every supplies

Sprint chemie is a manufacturer of “highest quality inks” and every action by our responsive team of experienced industry professionals reinforces our commitment to highest Customer Service with personal touch while setting new standards for production of “highest quality inks” taking care of environment.’

The company aspires to increase the global presence and become global supplier of inks and coatings that of highest quality with highest customer service and customization of the product through continuous product innovation, improvement and applications supported by the work environment integrity and personal growth. Sprint chemie commitment to highest quality will ensure economical and environmentally sustainable business for customers, employees and shareholders.